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I am a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University advised by Prof. Daniel Rubin. My research interests lie in the intersection of machine learning and medicine. I develop machine learning methods for medical applications by leveraging the important characteristics in medical data. I work closely with clinical experts from the Stanford School of Medicine to better understand the clinical needs.

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering (Highest Distinction Honors) from National University of Singapore, where I was fortunate to be advised by Prof. Nitish Thakor and Prof. Thomas Yeo.

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  • 2021-04: Our paper on data valuation for chest X-rays is now out on Scientific Reports.

  • 2021-02: I will be joining the medical AI team at Salesforce Research for a summer internship!

  • 2020-12: I presented our work on transfer and meta-learning for EEG analysis at AES 2020.

  • 2020-06: Our paper on Autism Spectrum Disorder subtyping with a Bayesian model is now out on Biological Psychiatry.

  • 2020-01: I passed my PhD qualifying exam and advanced to PhD candidacy!


Automated Seizure Detection and Seizure Type Classification From Electroencephalography With a Graph Neural Network and Self-Supervised Pre-Training

Siyi Tang, Jared A. Dunnmon, Khaled Saab, Xuan Zhang, Qianying Huang, Florian Dubost, Daniel L. Rubin, Christopher Lee-Messer
arXiv, 2021
preprint / code /

Data Valuation for Medical Imaging Using Shapley Value and Application to a Large-Scale Chest X-Ray Dataset

Siyi Tang, Amirata Ghorbani, Rikiya Yamashita, Sameer Rehman, Jared A Dunnmon, James Zou, Daniel L Rubin
Scientific Reports, 2021
paper /

Comparison of Segmentation-Free and Segmentation-Dependent Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Breast Masses on a Public Mammography Dataset

Rebecca S Lee, Jared A Dunnmon, Ann He, Siyi Tang, Christopher Ré, Daniel L Rubin
Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 2021
paper /

Reconciling dimensional and categorical models of autism heterogeneity: a brain connectomics and behavioral study

Siyi Tang*, Nanbo Sun*, Dorothea L Floris, Xiuming Zhang, Adriana Di Martino, BT Thomas Yeo
Biological psychiatry, 2020
paper / code /

Somatosensory-motor dysconnectivity spans multiple transdiagnostic dimensions of psychopathology

Valeria Kebets, Avram J Holmes, Csaba Orban, Siyi Tang, Jingwei Li, Nanbo Sun, Ru Kong, Russell A Poldrack, BT Thomas Yeo
Biological psychiatry, 2019
paper /

Orientation estimation and grasp type detection of household objects for upper limb prostheses with dynamic vision sensor

Siyi Tang, Rohan Ghosh, Nitish V Thakor, Sunil L Kukreja
IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS), 2016
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Conference Presentations

From Adults to Neonates: Transfer and Meta-learning Approaches for Knowledge Generalization in Deep Networks for Electroencephalographic Analysis

Siyi Tang, Daniel L Rubin, Chris Lee-Messer
American Epilepsy Society (AES) Annual Meeting, 2020

Latent ASD Factors with Dissociable Functional Connectivity Patterns and Behavioral Symptoms

Siyi Tang*, Nanbo Sun*, Dorothea L Floris, Xiuming Zhang, Adriana Di Martino, BT Thomas Yeo
Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) Annual Meeting, 2018

Live demonstration: Real-time orientation estimation and grasping of household objects for upper limb prostheses with a dynamic vision sensor (Honorable Mention Award)

Siyi Tang, Rohan Ghosh, Nitish V Thakor, Sunil L Kukreja
2016 IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS), 2016


About Me

My Chinese name is 汤斯怡. I grew up in a beutiful city, Zhang Zhou, in Fujian Province of China. I lived in Singapore for 7+ years before coming to Stanford.

Besides research, I also enjoy photography, cooking and baking, violin and traveling around the world. You can find some of my photography works here.

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